On June 11, 2018 TransNav hosted Senator Gary Peters along with the Consular Corps of Michigan.  The meeting started with introductions and a corporate video of all TransNav operating plants.  Following the introductions was a round table discussion with Senator Peters and the Consular Corps group focusing on trade and economics.  The visit proceeded with the TransNav management group giving all the consuls in the Metro Detroit area and Senator Peters a full first-hand view of operations with a plant tour.  The tour consisted of showing TransNav’s new advanced technologies in the automation department and assembly areas as well as injection molding machines running a large variety of plastic parts.  The group was given a great opportunity to watch the grocery cart automation system run, demonstrating how TransNav is set apart in highly advanced skills of molding.  To conclude the tour, Senator Peters hosted a Q&A session allowing TransNav employees the opportunity to ask the Senator about current issues and what he sees for the future.  It was a delight to host this special event.