New Baltimore, Michigan, March 15, 2018 — As part of TransNav Achievement Rewards policy lunch was served to all employees in the New Baltimore facilities to say thank-you for helping to make March 2017 to March 2018 accident-free.

TransNav puts employee safety first. “Job safety training starts day one of employment and is continuously reinforced,” says Jeffery Lee, Human Resources Generalist. Lee explained, “The most common injuries we see in the plant are eye and hand cuts so it is paramount employees wear safety glasses and cut gloves while performing their jobs.” He continued, “Going one year without injuries or Lost Time is a good achievement in a plant setting.”

Sandra Ulrich, relief operator at TransNav Technologies.

Employees appreciate the company’s vigilance to their well-being. A 16-year TransNav veteran and relief operator, Sandra Ulrich remarked, “The Company is always trying to make sure we are safe. If there is any problems they fix it right away.”

The continuous effort to create a culture where safety is one of the most important aspects of TransNav’s business because without their employees, servicing their customers is impossible. As JoAnn Julian, an executive coordinator who arranges the Achievement Reward Lunches, points out, “without the hard work and safety of its employees TransNav wouldn’t be the success it is today.”