Ever wonder why there is a sign for “Kingdom of the Netherlands” on the Cricklewood 2 building?
Our very own Percy Vreeken is the Honorary Council – Detroit Region for the Kingdoms of the Netherlands ~ also known as Holland. The Detroit Region includes every city in the state of Michigan, East of Lansing.

What does this mean?
Honorary consuls are generally dignitaries or persons of position in business and society in the receiving state, while having some connection to the sending state. Percy is authorized to carry out specific duties on behalf of the Dutch government in the U.S. There are many thousands of consuls, residing in virtually every country in the world, representing their sending country’s interests in the host country. Honorary consuls are often called upon to provide back channel information or communications, diplomatic advance team logistics, local reputation perceptions and government relations. They also support Dutch citizen’s with business opportunities and governmental documents, including passports and travel visas.

Percy and his wife Charisse have had many opportunities to represent Michigan and TransNav with many influential leaders regionally, nationally and worldwide. They recently had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Duggan, Governor Snyder and this June they went to Chicago to meet King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.