TransNav is an international trading and manufacturing company. Started over 30 years ago with headquarters in Southeast Michigan, our strengths include product design and development, tooling fabrication, injection molding, decorating and assembly.  TransNav has experienced considerable growth by offering these services to multiple industries from automotive to the consumer markets on several continents.  From concept to part delivery, our dedicated, multilingual and experienced manufacturing teams combined with our established international network of partners insure product excellence and global reach.

TransNav has industry leading facilities and equipment that allow us to create products that exceed customer expectations.  By reinvesting and allocating our resources appropriately, we continuously add new and improved equipment and technologies to increase our capabilities and productivity.  TransNav focuses on streamlined and effective error-proofed production processes.  

As an industry leader, TransNav has emphasized the importance of innovation. We have developed and patented many products that have impacted multiple industries.  We are continuously improving our environmental policy to highlight our commitment to a greener TransNav.  We take daily steps, to protect our environment, and recognize our role in the community to maintain a healthy environment.

TransNav’s community involvement extends beyond our environmental commitment.  We understand the important role companies have in supporting community programs to empower and educate the next generation of leaders and achievers.  TransNav proudly supports many civic and youth programs in our area.

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